West Alan LLC.

     West Alan LLC. is an independent music licensing and synchronization service.  We work creatively with our clients to provide the best musical match for each project quickly and easily. 

     Founded by both filmmakers and musicians, we understand the challenge of finding the perfect sound, dealing with multiple songwriters, publishers and record labels, tracking down the necessary licenses and having the peace of mind knowing your bases are covered.  We have stream-lined this process for you. 

General Inquiries

Call:  303.981.3893

Email:  info@westalan.com

Location:  Denver, CO

Hours:  Monday-Saturday 24/7

The Music Catalog

      West Alan LLC. is the only entity you need to contact to license original music from our catalog.  We represent original songs on which all songwriters, master owners, record labels and publishing parties have agreed to be represented exclusively by West Alan LLC.  Before adding new music to our catalog, we perform extensive research and ground work on each song, so you can license our music extremely quickly and easily. 

     Our music is chosen based on the songs ability to resonate with the listeners' soul, convey a specific mood, incorporate interesting sonic elements and the rising potential of the songwriters that created these works.  

The Artists

      We pride ourselves in finding the most uniquely gifted undiscovered talent in music.  We understand the value in music that can be identified with your brand.  Your project will find greater success in breaking the next bands & artists of our time.  

     Our bands, artists and film composers are not just great musicians, they are great people.  The Artists at West Alan LLC. possess a genuine love for their work and the art of film, video games, series shows and advertising campaigns.  Besides their skill as musicians and songwriters, all of our artists are also highly proficient producers.  West Alan artists have studio access as well as the ability to create new music and make changes easily upon request.  


Leigh West Alan,  Founder & CEO

    Nationally ranked classical composer and graduate of University of Colorado Film School, Leigh West Alan previously worked in film and television in Los Angeles and Colorado.  As assistant to the head of production at Will Ferrell's Funnyordie.com, Leigh helped to oversee multiple productions with notable celebrities such as Will Ferrell, Don Cheadle, Taylor Lautner, Ray Liotta, Ray Lewis, Tony Gonzalez, Cheech Marin, George Lopez, Ray Romano, Efren Ramirez, and Brenda Song among many others.  She was an integral part of Emmy Nominated TV Series Billy on the Street currently airing on Fuse as well as Yahoo’s Web Series First Dates with Toby Harris.  She had a notable internship at Valhalla Entertainment, the production company responsible for The Walking Dead Series, The TerminatorAliens and Armageddon.  She also studied under the award winning film composer John William Doryk at his studio in Colorado Springs. 

    Last year, she co-created and hosted CET Studio Sessions, a regionally airing television series focused on up-and-coming musicians for Comcast Entertainment Television.  Apart from film, Leigh is a dedicated musician and has worked with a variety of composers, producers, artists and studios in Denver, Nashville and Los Angeles.

     Through years of hard work, determination and God’s grace she has managed to put together a list of contacts that include some of Hollywood’s most notable composers, film directors and producers as well as international contacts in radio and touring.  As CEO of West Alan LLC., Leigh has melded her two passions of film and music together, providing emerging artist & bands with song placement opportunities.

     Leigh is a proud voting member of The Recording Academy (creators of The Grammy Awards).  She was honored to speak at COMBO's 2014 Music Publishers Panel.